Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Numerical Modelling of Rock Deformation (ref no 2017/10338)

Department of Geosciences
September 08 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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We invite applications for a challenging postdoctoral position in modeling of geological processes during rock deformation. The objectives of this project are to model the complex mechanics of rupture in rocks, including the effect of fluids and their flow in fractures. This position is part of the project “Microfractures in black shales and their transport properties” funded by the Norwegian Research Council, where the main goal is to create novel structural and mechanical knowledge and geological understanding of microfracturing and dynamic permeability in black shales and in low permeability rocks in general. The current position involves modeling of the couplings between fluid flow, rock transformation, and deformation at the grain to core sample scales and analyzing 3D deformation data. The specific goal of the position is open and will depend on the candidate's research plan that should be handed in with the Application.

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