PhD Research Fellowship in Mineral and Rock Physics (ref no 2017/10344)

Department of Geosciences
September 08 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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We invite applications for a challenging doctoral position (PhD) in mineral and rock physics. The objectives of this project are to unravel the nanoscale dynamics of fluid-rock interactions and friction at mineral interfaces. This position is funded by the Department of Geosciences and will be coordinated with several on-going research projects funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The specific goal of this position is to combine numerical simulations and laboratory experiments using atomic force microscopy or other imaging techniques to unravel: 1) How nanoparticle formation and dynamics control fault behavior, and in particular what is the activation energy to produce them (weakening during slip) what is their reactivity in presence of water (interface healing), and how do their deform during sliding? 2 What is the dynamics of crystallization of such nanoparticles in systems where both dissolution and precipitation processes are coupled? and what is their potential to trap ions or carbon dioxide initially present in the water?

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