Post Doctoral Researcher - Project Title: Minimising energy utilisation for batch production th...

Institute of Technology Sligo
September 07 2017
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The Institute's Centre for Precision Engineering, Materials and Manufacturing research (PEM Research Centre) is a partner in a successful Interreg 1.1 application that is developing an Advanced Manufacturing Research programme specifically for the Health and Life Science Sector. The other main academic partners include Catalyst, University of Ulster, LyIT, and University of Glasgow in addition to a number of manufacturing companies. The programme will fund a number of PhD and Post-doctoral projects that are industrially focused. The areas that the proposed research programme include are, sustainable manufacturing, with the PEM Research Centre leading out on, advanced polymer products, nano-manufacturing and also polymeric and metallic Additive Manufacturing. The PEM Research Centre is collaborating with Stiefel-GSK based in Sligo on one of the Industrial research projects within the programme and now has an opportunity to recruit a postdoctoral researcher to work specifically on this project.


Perform the following activities in conjunction with and under the guidance of the Principal/Co Investigator and Industry partner:

  1. Plan and conduct assigned research individually or jointly in accordance with the project deliverables and PEM Centre's research strategy.

  2. Document research output including analysis and interpretation of all data, maintaining records and databases, drafting technical/progress reports and papers as appropriate.

  3. Participate in communication with Stiefel GSK.

  4. Develop and enhance research profile and reputation and that of the Institute of Technology Sligo/PEM Research Centre/School of Engineering and Design, including contributing to publications of international quality in high profile/quality refereed journals, enhancing the research impact in terms of economic/societal benefit, and gathering indicators of esteem.

  5. Contribute to the presentation of work at international and national conferences, at internal and external seminars, colloquia and workshops to develop and enhance the PEM Centre's research profile.

  6. Contribute to the identification of potential funding sources and to assist in the development of proposals to secure funding from internal and external bodies to support future research.

  7. Collaborate with academic colleagues and participate in team/group meetings/seminars/workshops across the Institute's Research community and wider regional shareholder community (e.g Academic and Industrial Partners).

  8. Contribute to the PEM Research Centre's, supervision, mentoring and training of postgraduate students of the project team to ensure their effective development.

  9. Perform administrative tasks related to the activities of the PEM Research Centre reporting responsibilities to the project Coordinator, including, procurement compliance, Budgets/Expenditure and time keeping records.

  10. Be responsible for safety management related to the organisation and running of Laboratory and/or Experimental techniques, equipment and processes as appropriate.

  11. Keep up to date with current knowledge and recent advances in the field/discipline.

  12. Engage in personal, professional and career development to enhance both specialist and transferable skills in accordance with desired career trajectory.

  13. Undertake any other duties of equivalent standing as assigned by the Lead PI/Co-PI.

  14. Perform the above duties with a higher degree of independence, leadership and responsibility, particularly in relation to planning, funding, collaborating and publishing research, and mentoring PhD postgraduates.

  15. Establish and sustain a track record of independent and joint published research to establish and maintain PEM Centre's research reputation in the subject area.

  16. Survey the research literature and environment; understand the research challenges associated with the project & subject area, & develop/implement a suitable research strategy.



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