Signalling compartmentalization and vesicle Trafficking at the Phagocytic Synapses

Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche
September 07 2017
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Full Time
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The candidate will be dedicated to the study of mitochondria dynamics in macrophage activation in pathological conditions. To this aim, the candidate will take advantage of transgenic mouse models that already available in our laboratory to assess macrophage functionality in the presence or absence of specific mitochondrial proteins (regulating mitochondrial shaping and fitness) by exploiting both in vitro and in vivo approaches. The aim of STEPS is to understand the molecular interactions leading to the formation of a functional phagocytic synapse and macrophage activation, two crucial events in inflammatory responses and immunity. Specifically, we will focus on three distinct aspects linking immunology to cell biology: the formation of dynamic platforms for pathogen recognitions; signaling compartimentalization at the plasma membrane; vesicle and organelle trafficking. These mechanisms will be analized in both physiological and phatological contest

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