Postdoctoral Position in Animal Health

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
September 06 2017
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Full Time
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Microbiota-genome-metabolome wide associations: a future way to test and improve animal health and performance

In the recent years our group of research has worked in different research projects aimed to improve the health and performance of pigs and poultry. Many of these efforts have been addressed to find feeding and management strategies that could help the animals to face different stressors along their productive life, particularly in the perinatal and weaning period, and the transition to the growing phase.

Recent advances in the knowledge of the intestinal microbiota of mammals has evidenced that the microbiota plays an important role in the gut integrity, nutrition, immune responses and protection against pathogens with a pivotal role in health and well-being. Microbiota could also have a relevant role in animal behaviour as intestinal synbionts has been described to modulate the response of the animal to the stress throughout which has been called the gut-brain axis. However, we still have a very limited mechanistic knowledge regarding how indigenous microorganisms shape genome and biology in postnatal development. Emerging technologies, such as metabolomics and metagenomics, are providing new information useful to understand how symbiotic microbes affect metabolic phenotypes and enzyme induction states, which ultimately affect the outcome of interventions.

This expression of interest aims to attract cross-disciplinary research personnel able to integrate all the data generated by these emerging 'omics' technologies in different research projects of our group. This integrated knowledge should allow us a better understand of the role of the intestinal microbiota shaping diverse biological functions and at the end to design new rational strategies to improve health and performance of livestock.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess