Development and use of methods for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in order to support the sel...

Politecnico di Milano
September 04 2017
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Full Time
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To ensure sustainability within Healthcare Systems challenged by an ageing population with increasing needs, the rational approach to the allocation of scarce resources has become essential. Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a common paradigm in many jurisdictions and at different decision levels. Politecnico di Milano benefits of a leading international role in the field of innovation and development of health technologies and aims at strengthening its research activities within HTA. The main objective of the project is the development and use of methods for Health Technology Assessment (HTA) with specific consideration of clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and organizational impact of health technologies (including drugs, medical devices and other health interventions). The methodologies required will be both qualitative and quantitative. The results will be published in reports and international scientific publications.

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