n.1 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR POSITION at Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Academic ...

Università degli Studi di Brescia
September 04 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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Selective procedure for the calling of an Associate Professor, according to art. 18, paragraph 1, of the Law nr. 240/2010, for the Academic Recruiting Field 09/B1 - “Manufacturing technology and systems”, Academic Discipline ING-IND/16 - “Manufacturing technology and systems”, at Department of of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Maximum number of scientific papers to be submitted: 15 (fifteen). Type of Scientific Activities: The candidate will work on the thematic which are typical of the sector as defined in its declaration 09/B1 TECHNOLOGIES AND MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS and of the Scientific Disciplinary Sector TECHNOLOGIES AND MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS ING-IND/16 with particular reference to experimental and FEM optimization of plastic deformation processes of sheets and tubes (tube and sheet hydroforming, incremental forming, etc..), to electrospinning processes for scaffolds manufacturing (production and characterization) and to additive manufacturing techniques.

Type of Teaching Activities: The teaching activities that the professor will have to carry out at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering will be focused on the topics that characterize the sector ING-IND/16 Technologies and Manufacturing Systems with the aim of developing knowledge on innovative processes and products, with particular attention on feasibility studies, optimization of process parameters with statistical methods, rapid manufacturing of components, even customized, by using traditional and additive manufacturing techniques.

It is requested a commitment on the third mission and on the coordination of scientific and industrial research projects.

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