Post-doctoral Researcher 1,0 fte, NUTRIM - School of Nutrition and Translational Research in Meta...

Maastricht University
September 01 2017
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Full Time
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The results from our research group Thermoregulation and Energy Metabolism identified an increasing number of environmental parameters that relate to metabolic health. For example, temporary mild cold increases energy expenditure in healthy subjects and insulin sensitivity in patients with diabetes. Furthermore, the timing, intensity and color of light affects our sleep quality and well-being. We translate this basic information for application in our daily living environment, i.e. the built environment. In the coming years we intent to study the effects of a dynamic thermal indoor environment and dynamic light conditions on well-being, productivity and health on one hand and building energy performance on the other. The studies will be a combination between human health, comfort parameters, and building technology. Studies will be carried out within European Horizon 2020 projects and national TKI projects on the interaction between user and building.

We are looking for an ambitious Post doctoral researcher with a strong interest in the human factor within the built environment. Special interest is required in how dynamic indoor environments affect the human well-being and health.

An interest in mathematical modeling for data handling and techniques is recommended.

The candidate will work on different projects and will be involved in the daily supervision of PhD and master students related to the research topic. Furthermore, the candidate is expected to write research grant proposals.

Additional to the research activities, the Post-doctoral researcher will assist in day-to-day activities (teaching and educational supervision) at the Department of Human Biology.

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