Dynamics of quantum systems interacting with control or measurement apparatuses (published on the...

Università degli Studi di Firenze
August 31 2017
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Full Time
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In the last decades, the investigation of Quantum Systems benefited from the huge development of experimental techniques that made possible to interact with such systems without excessively tampering with their fragile properties. While this opened new perspectives for the employment of quantum devices for information transmission and processing, it prompted at same time for an in-depth theoretical analysis of the dynamics underlying the dialog between such devices and the macroscopic apparatuses used for their control and/or for reading their status. This is the framework for the investigation of the dynamics of Open Quantum Systems, i.e. quantum systems surrounded by a macroscopic, but still quantum, environment, whose presence affects the overall dynamics, and especially determine the time dependence of the quantum correlations essential for the information transfer from the apparatus to the device, and viceversa.

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