PhD - Multi-physics Design of Metamaterial-Based Measurement Systems

Delft University of Technology
August 30 2017
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Full Time
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Unlike natural materials, whose properties are determined by chemical composition, metamaterials (MMs) obtain peculiar functionality typically not found in nature by means of their structure. Phononic crystals (MMs that interact with mechanical waves) are of particular interest because of their potential applications, which include energy harvesting, wireless communications, thermal barriers, elastic/acoustic filters, improved transducers, and waveguides.

As a PhD candidate, you will investigate phononic crystals (PnCs) for the design of vibration isolation for high-tech systems. The project is a cooperation with leading industrial companies, active in the field of cutting-edge flow measurement systems. Your tasks include:

• Creating a numerical model for designing PnC-based structures in order to filter a range of frequencies (bandgap). Due to their complexity, PnCs can only be designed by adequate numerical tools (finite element analysis coupled to optimisation).
• Validating the numerical designs, for which you will manufacture prototypes using suitable in-lab manufacturing techniques, including 3D printing and laser cutting. Design and implementation of an experimental setup required for validation is part of this activity.
• Research and develop PnC-based components from an industrial application perspective, as well as manufacturing methods for these components.
• Realisation of industry-oriented demonstrators, including performance validation.
• Writing a PhD dissertation, publishing in renowned journals, and presenting at international conferences.

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