Post-Doctoral Fellow in Molecular Studies of Stroke and Neurodegenerative Disease

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
$42,000 or greater, commensurate with post-doctoral level
August 29 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The brain has an active response to injury and disease, with neuronal and glial progenitor responses that lead to partial repair and recovery. This neural repair in the brain occurs in specialized cellular niches, where these progenitors develop in close approximation: angiogenesis, neurogenesis and gliogenesis appear to be coordinately regulated in diseases such as stroke and Alzheimer’s disease in tissue that is adjacent to the sites of injury or damage. The biology behind this process of tissue repair is not well defined. This post-doctoral fellowship is in an exciting new project to utilize systems biology to identify the molecular and cellular signaling systems in this neurovascular niche for tissue repair in the brain. These studies will utilize advanced approaches for cell-specific isolation and RNAseq and bioinformatic analyses.  The research occurs within three highly collaborative laboratories at UCLA, and an environment that is expert in molecular and cellular studies of neural repair and of computational analysis of transcriptome data sets.

UCLA is an interesting and dynamic place for neuroscience study and for a post-doctoral fellowship. The neuroscience community is rich with symposia, seminars and collaborators that offer deep exposure to cutting edge techniques, emerging ideas and scientific pathways forward. Los Angeles is a diverse city with plenty of sunshine and beaches, easy access to skiing and excellent mountain biking and backpacking.  Excellent science, sunshine and the Great Outdoors!