Post-doctoral position on new generation of Mid and Long Wave infrared photodetectors and Bolometers

August 28 2017
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Full Time
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The Functional Optoelectronic NanoMaterials research group at ICFO, led by ICREA Prof. Gerasimos Konstantatos, is looking for a postdoctoral fellow to develop high sensitivity Mid and LongWave Infrared Photodetectors and Bolometers.

The candidate will join a team comprising physicists, material scientists and engineers to design, develop and characterize a new class of detectors aiming for low-cost, high-sensitivity mid and longwave infrared photodetectors and/or bolometers, based on colloidal quantum dots and/or 2D materials.

In particular, the ideal candidate should have demonstrated expertise on the design, development and characterization of photodetectors and/or bolometers in the mid and longwave infrared regime. Specific experience in the optoelectronic characterization of detectors/bolometers in this spectral regime (3 - 12 um) as well as their modeling will be considered an essential asset.

For further information about the Functional Optoelectronic NanoMaterials research group at ICFO, please see, or contact Prof. Dr. Gerasimos Konstantatos (

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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