Cloud Systems Analyst

Farmington, Connecticut (US)
Up to $113,000 per year plus benefits.
August 25 2017
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Full Time
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Cloud Systems Analyst at The Jackson Laboratory, of Bar Harbor, Maine, at its facility located in Farmington, CT.

Primary responsibilities as a Cloud Systems Analyst, reporting to the Senior Director, Information and Research Technologies for The Jackson Laboratory, will be to support the scientific needs of the genomic research faculty by enabling the development, deployment, and use of genomic and bioinformatics applications in a cloud computing environment; will benchmark applications, pipelines and workflow performance used in genomic research, and perform cost/benefit analysis that will allow the  Laboratory to maximize the use of internal and external computing resources; will also interact with faculty, computational biologists and bioinformaticians to recommend innovative cloud solutions to further their research by accelerating the process and analysis of their genomic datasets.

Requires a master’s degree in life/natural sciences with 36 months’ experience in genomics/ bioinformatics.  

Applicants should apply with a cover letter (required) at