POSTDOCTORAL position to investigate Wnt signalling during heart failure

KU Leuven
August 22 2017
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Full Time
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A position is available for a strongly motivated postdoc in the Centre for Molecular and Vascular Biology in the Cardiovascular Sciences department at KU Leuven, Belgium. The main focus of the lab is on vascular biology, with a focus on vascular remodelling, arterial-venous differentiation, angiogenesis and vascular regression.


Heart failure is often associated with capillary rarefaction and one of the current prevailing theories is that vessel rarefaction plays a causal role in heart failure rather than secondary. We have preliminary results indicating a role for Wnt signalling in heart failure. Wnt signalling controls many aspects of vascular remodelling and the proposed position would study the role of this signalling pathway in the progression of heart failure. We also have significant access to human samples to validate target candidate genes. - You will have your own dedicatedresearch project studying vessel rarefaction in heart failure. Specifically,you will be investigated the role of Wnt signalling in the process of vesselrarefaction.

- You will be responsible foradministration and execution of the project. You are expected to have strong molecular biology skills.  The project involves both a rat and a mousemodel of heart failure. Experience in echocardiography of rodents is a bonus,however a desire to learn these techniques is also acceptable. The positioninvolves a significant amount of microscopy and analysis of histologicalsections.  Quantitative pPCR and possiblyin situ hybridization will be involved.

- Youwill be expected to present the work at conferences, lab meeting, anddepartmental meetings.

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