Postdoctoral researcher in History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics

University of Amsterdam
August 22 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) is looking for a postdoctoral researcher in history and philosophy of logic and mathematics to carry out the subproject on (the second half of) 19th century history and philosophy of logic and mathematics, with special focus on Gottlob Frege's work and the concept of consequence (as well as, possibly, plurality).

More details on the work to be conducted by the postdoc researcher in History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics can be found in the complete vacancy call here.

The ideal candidate for the job has a background in philosophy and mathematics, experience with teamwork (ideally interdisciplinary teamwork), intellectual affinity with history of ideas-approaches and a strong methodological attitude and interests. We are looking for an open-minded, curious, flexible, accurate, highly team-oriented person, resilient and capable of working independently and efficiently against deadlines, of quickly adjusting to changes of plan and handle workload peaks, with outstanding social and communicative skills.

The postdoctoral researcher is expected to

  • participate in regular and frequent interdisciplinary team meetings;

  • conduct research in history and philosophy of logic and mathematics;

  • deliver a number of top publications for a philosophical audience as a single author or in cooperation with the PI and other team members, and a number of joint / team publications for a more computational audience;

  • provide input to the computational experts and evaluate the results of the computational approach for their salience to (their own) research in history and philosophy of science;

  • jointly work with other team members as software user to contribute to the development of GUIs;

  • present intermediate research results at international workshops and conferences both individually and collectively for both philosophical and computational audiences in cooperation with the PI and the other team members;

  • help with organizational tasks connected to the project, such as the organization of conferences and workshops (the list is non-exhaustive);

  • (help) disseminating results to non-specialists.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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