PhD in Biomolecular cience Research project IDENTIFICATION OF NEW LEAD COMPOUNDS FOR DRUG-DISCOVE...

CNR, Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry
August 21 2017
Life Sciences, Biology
Position Type
Full Time
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The candidate will be selected on its general knowledge in biology and


chemistry as well as on its familiarity with chromatographic and


spectroscopic techniques, as well as molecular and cell biology


techniques that will be used to reach the goal of the project. During


his PhD program, the candidate will acquire relevant knowledge about the


most scientific advances related to either the field of research and


most innovative techniques used. The candidate will acquire skills on


chemical purification of active secondary metabolites and their


structure elucidation by spectroscopic techniques (NMR, MS, UV, CD, IR).


At the same time, he will acquire theoretical and practical knowlwdge


related to the structure and function of the neuromuscular system,


pathophysiology, genetic and clinical research and current clinical


trends in muscle degenerative disorders such as the Duchenne's muscular



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