Professor of Civil Law (in particular its European Law aspects)

Radboud University
August 21 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

As Professor of Civil Law, in particular its European law aspects, you teach (in English) European private law (EU law). You also teach civil law in the Bachelor's or Master's programme.

You conduct, initiate and supervise research into business-oriented and other European private law (EU law) and keep track of international developments.

As a full professor, you supervise PhD candidates and you assist in generating government and third-party (European) research funds. You help enhance the international profiles of the Business and Law Research Centre (OO&R) and the faculty. Within your scope of responsibilities, you manage the staff members in an inspiring way. In addition, you will be expected to perform board work. You will take an active part in the necessary committee work within the Civil Law section, the OO&R and the faculty and you will be prepared and able to assume administrative responsibility.Please click here for a more detailed job profile.

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