Photocatalytic activation of aliphatic C-H bonds

Universita' di Pavia
August 21 2017
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Full Time
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The project involves the development of innovative synthetic protocols based on the adoption of a photocatalytic approach. Particular attention will be devoted to the use of organic photocatalysts, resulting in the optimization of metal-free procedures. As for the substrates, the possibility of activating directly C-H bonds will be evaluated, with the aim of generating aggressive intermediates (viz. radicals or radical ions) under mild conditions. These will then be exploited in synthetic processes for the formation of C-C (or C-heteroatom) bonds in the presence of suitable reaction partners (unsaturated derivatives, such as double or triple bonds, or (hetero)aromatics). Part of this project will be also intended to the study of the mechanistic aspects of the interaction between the excited state of the photocatalyst and the employed substrates.

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