Professor in Paediatrics combined with a position as specialist/consultant

Lund University
August 21 2017
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Full Time
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As part of the dynamic development at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University in Sweden, successful researchers are hereby invited to apply for the position of Professor of Paediatrics. The position will be based at the Department of Clinical Sciences in Lund or in Malmö.

The position is combined with a position as a paediatric medical specialist/consultant at Skåne University Hospital. The paediatric clinic is a regional clinic for the southern healthcare region in Sweden, operating in both Lund and Malmö.

Work duties 

The work duties include research and third cycle education, as well as teaching on the faculty's Bachelor's and Master's programmes. The duties require good knowledge of the subject of paediatrics. The appointed applicant will also be expected to perform other tasks normally associated with a professorship, such as certain administrative duties, internal and external commissioned tasks or elected office, both in Sweden and internationally.

The position also includes responsibility for coordinating the subject of paediatrics at the faculty.

The position of medical specialist/consultant includes independent clinical work.

Other duties may also occur. 


A person who has demonstrated both research and teaching expertise shall be qualified for employment as a professor, in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 4, Section 3.

The applicant must have attained a specialisation in paediatrics, and have demonstrated clinical independence.

Because the position of professor is combined with a post as a medical specialist/consultant, the appointed applicant is required to be proficient in Swedish to the degree necessary for the medical profession (in accordance with the definition of the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare, which also approves the corresponding knowledge of Norwegian or Danish).

Assessment criteria

The applicant must have demonstrated significant research and teaching expertise of value to the subject area. The assessment will particularly take into account the applicant's research expertise. The expertise must be demonstrated by a high national and international standing as a researcher. The applicant should preferably be the main applicant for research funding awarded in national or international competition.

Importance will also be attached to the applicant's experience of translational and clinically implementable research.  The applicant must have demonstrated teaching expertise and ability to supervise students at all levels of higher education.

Consideration will also be given to the applicant's demonstrated leadership skills and ability to interact with wider society. Clinical expertise is also included in the assessment criteria. 

In addition to the requirements stated in the Higher Education Ordinance, the regulations that apply to the appointment of teaching staff are the Lund University Appointment Rules and the Faculty of Medicine's general qualification requirements and assessment criteria for appointments to professor:

The Faculty of Medicine's general requirements and assessment criteria for appointment to professor provide more details about the type of documentation that can be used to support the applicant's qualifications with regard to research expertise, teaching expertise, academic leadership, ability to interact with wider society, and implementation.

For more information, please contact Dean Gunilla Westergren-Thorsson,

tel +46 (0)46 222 80 84, email or

Head of Department Bo Baldetorp, tel +46 (0)70 688 30 03,

email or

Head of Department Kristina Åkesson, tel +46 (0)70 561 47 20,


Information about the application procedure will be provided by the Human Resources Manager at the Faculty of Medicine Kajsa Johnsson, tel +46 (0)46 222 08 22,


The position will be filled following a proposal from the Academic Appointments Board at the Faculty of Medicine.

Applications are to be submitted electronically via the Lund University application portal no later than 25 September 2017.

The application must include the information required in accordance with the Faculty of Medicine's instructions for applications (see the document ‘List of qualifications for lecturers' under the heading 'Instructions for applicants' at

NB! The application must be written in English; however, grade transcripts and certificates of employment, etc., do not require translation.

The applicant's name will be published on the website of the Faculty of Medicine unless the applicant clearly objects to this. 

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