Postdoctoral/Research Associate Position

Department of Neurosciences, University of Toledo Health Sciences Campus
starting salary will range from $45,000 annually to $55,000 annually depending upon experience.
August 18 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

A postdoctoral position is available for a qualified applicant to participate in a project involving anatomical and functional mapping of neural circuits in the enteric nervous system.   The project is funded through the NIH SPARC (Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Conditions) initiative.  The project involves multiple investigators in the US and Australia with expertise in RNAseq, neural modeling, imaging, and electrophysiology using mouse models. 
The applicant for the current postdoctoral position will participate in electrophysiological and Ca2+ imaging studies of myenteric neurons in excised and cell culture preparations from the mouse colon.  The applicant will receive training in enteric nervous system biology and modern quantitative methods at an institution that stresses both basic and translational Neuroscience. 
Requirements for the position are a PhD in Neuroscience, Physiology or Membrane Biophysics, and experience with Ca2+ imaging and electrophysiological recording approaches in neurons.  Salary and benefits are competitive.