2017 Changzhou Institute of Technology High-level Talents Recruitment

Introduction to Changzhou Institute of Technology

Changzhou Institute of Technology (herein referred to as CIT) is a regular full-time undergraduate institution of higher learning approved by Ministry of Education in China. CIT is located in the ancient town Changzhou, which is in the south of Jiangsu Province, occupying the middle area of Yangtze River Delta. It also lies in the middle way between Shanghai and Nanjing, bordering Suzhou and Wuxi, with Yangtze River in the north and Lake Tai in the south. It is the only city of Jiangsu which won the title of “National Forest City” in 2016 with its forest coverage rate attaining 37%. Changzhou is a harmonious society which boasts developed economy, convenient transportation, and many great talents in the long history.

CIT takes up a total area of more than 86 hectares, with well-equipped teaching, scientific research, living, and sports facilities. There are more than 1,100 staff members and around 15,000 full-time students. It has 13 schools (or teaching sections), offering 50 undergraduate programs in such disciplines as engineering, science, management, economics, liberal arts, education and fine arts, etc. CIT boasts 5 pilot majors in “the National Excellence Plan”, 4 pilot major in the “Provincial Excellence Plan”, 1 characteristic major under construction at national level, 1 pilot major approved by Ministry of Education in its 12th Five-year Plan of comprehensive innovation, 5 key majors under construction approved by Jiangsu province in its 12th Five-year Plan, 4 characteristic majors at provincial level, 1 key laboratory at provincial level, 1 key laboratory under construction at provincial level, 1 off-campus practice and training base at national level, and 10 experiment teaching demonstration center and practical teaching center at provincial level.

CIT has established long-term and friendly relationships with more than 40 overseas universities in America, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, etc, undertaking cooperation in various fields such as academic exchange, scientific research, credit recognition, cooperatively-run programs, etc. Now CIT is one of the major participants of the program Cultural and Creative Collaborative Innovation Center of Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province. Besides, the construction of the Practice and Training Base for Aerospace Industry in South-Jiangsu Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Area has been officially listed as one of the national development projects integrating production and education in the national 13th Five-year Plan.

In light of the characteristics of local economy, industry and technology, CIT aims at cultivating high-qualified practice-oriented talents with innovative ideas and practical abilities who meet the requirements of local social and economical development. Besides, CIT spares no efforts in providing opportunities for teachers’ professional development. Every year a lot of excellent teachers are selected and sent abroad for professional training in America, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, etc. CIT provides recruited high-level talents with great prospects for self-development by offering many preferential policies such as housing allowance, research start-up funds, etc, which is an ideal place to give full play to one’s ambitions and talents.

Contact Information:

Please email personal resume, family background, teaching and researching materials, etc. to cgyrsc@163.com with email subject title being “Name + Major + Degree (Professional title)”.

Contact person: Mr. Weng and Ms.Su


Mr. Weng: +86 519-85217963  +86 13961400771 ;     

Ms. Su: +86  519-85210143     +86 13861261171;   

Mr. Liu: +86 519-85217516     +86 15189727891;      

Ms. Qian +86 519-85217515    +86 13961218825;

For more information, please visit the website: http:// www.czust.edu.cn

Applicants should take Chinese as his/her native language.