NUAA Recruitment Program for Global Experts

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(NUAA), established in 1952, enjoys a well-balanced development of multiple disciplines in Natural Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, etc. with the characteristics of Aeronautics, Astronautics and Civil Aviation. NUAA is among the first batch of national key universities entitled to award doctoral degree, master's degree. It is one of the 56 universities with graduate school in China, and it has also been listed as one of the "National Project 211" universities.  

NUAA will provide teachers and researchers with a good academic environment, satisfactory working and living conditions and a stage on which they can put their talents to good use.

1.The Recruitment Program for High-end Talents

1.1 Basic Qualifications

The recruitment program for high-end talents targets three level talents.

The first level includes: (1) academicians of China Academy of Sciences or Academy of Engineering; (2) academicians of Academy of Sciences or Academy of Engineering from the United States, UK, Canada, Australia or other developed countries; (3) winners of The Nobel Prize, the Turing Award, the Fields Award or other international awards; and (4) topnotch scholars from the world first-class universities or research institutions.

The second level contains: (1) talents involved in “Thousand Talents Plan”; (2) distinguished professors of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”; (3) awardees of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”; and (4) other talents with the equivalent national academic level.

Candidates under the age of 55 may apply, but the age requirement can be moderately adjusted for a few disciplines which are in urgent need of talents.

The third level focuses on young talents involved in: (1) Chang Jiang Scholars Program; (2) Thousand Youth Talents Project; (3) “Top Young Innovative Talents” supported by CPC Central Committee; and (4) National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars.

Candidates under the age of 40 may apply.

1.2 Preferential Treatments​

Taking into consideration of the objectives and tasks during the period of employment and characteristics of different disciplines, NUAA will offer (1) corresponding research start-up foundation combined with national funding; (2) payment based on annual salary system; (3) laboratories and work places with research assistants; and (4) housing benefits.

Please refer to table 1 below for detail.

2. The Recruitment Program for teachers and professors

2.1 Basic Qualifications

The recruitment program for teachers targets: (1) lecturers, associate professors, and professors (or equivalent professional titles) from global high-level universities or famous research institutions; and (2) graduating students with doctor’s degree.

The recruitment program for professors employs “the mechanism of pre-appointment and post-review” for those high academic level candidates. Being approved, the candidates can be directly appointed as full professors or associate professors, offered corresponding treatment during the period of employment, and required to pass the evaluation of professional titles in due time.

Excellent candidates enjoy the “Green Chanel” .

Please refer to table 2 below for detail.

3. How to apply

For those who apply for posts in Table 1, please download and fill in the resume from the website and send it to Please clarify the post in the email. And the email will be replied within 3 work days.

For those who apply for the posts in Table 2, please log onto the website (website of talent recruitment of NUAA). Please fill in personal information and the “application form for teaching post of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics” at the website

Posts above are available throughout the year.

4. Contacts


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