Postdoctoral Research Associate Crystallography and GPCR signaling

Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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August 01 2017
six open positions available!
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This position will be responsible for purifying and crystallizing membrane proteins and performing duties with a molecular pharmacology focus. Main duties will involve construct design, expression in baculovirus and mammalian expression systems, membrane protein purification, and LCP crystallization. The researcher is expected to carry experiments from molecular biology to a fully refined structure, and complement structural data with biochemical and biophysical assays.

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GPCR signaling:

Postdoctoral positions are available for an enthusiastic and experienced postdoctoral fellow in the general area of GPCR drug discovery in the Roth lab at UNC-Chapel Hill. This project requires a working knowledge of GPCR pharmacology and in vitro pharmacology (e.g. radioligand binding, second messenger assays). A demonstrated knowledge of GPCR signaling and molecular pharmacology is highly desirable.

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