East China University of Technology Recruitment Plan for Faculty Deans and Key Laboratory Director

East China University
Nanchang (Locality), Jiangxi (CN)
Salary Negotiable
July 31 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

East China University of Technology (ECUT) is a university of technology and science jointly run by Jiangxi Province, the Ministry of Land and Resource (MLR), and State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry (SCST). With the main campus in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province, and the other in Fuzhou City in the same province, ECUT covers an area of more than 1.7 million m2, in which there are about 30,000 full-time undergraduates and postgraduates and a faculty and staff of about 2200. ECUT offers a wide range of programs in the fields of Science, Engineering, Economics, Management, Literature, Law, Education, and Arts; it is by Science and Engineering that this university is characterized.    

ECUT is noted for its many achievements in Nuclear Science and Geology Science, and a series of National, Provincial & University special and key programs have been established. With its growth, the university is determined to be identified on the international platform, which accordingly needs professionals with an international outlook to take the lead in specific fields. The posts available to be taken are the deans of four faculties, and a director of a research center.

For the selected, ECUT will do its outmost to provide first-class working conditions and comfortable living environment, and help them to launch a new career quickly. The Personnel Division of ECUT will provide qualified applicants with services throughout the process of application.


1. Positions Available

   1) Dean of School of Earth Science

   2) Dean of School of Civil and Architectural Engineering  

   3) Dean of School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering

   4) Dean of School of Software Engineering (School of Information Engineering)

   5) Director of Engineering Research Center of Nuclear Technology Application, Ministry of Education

2. Position Duties

   1) To plan and coordinate administrative procedures of the faculty or the research center

   2) To make strategic plans for the comprehensive development of the college

   3) To recruit and train a group of researchers with the potential to take the lead in the chosen field, and ensure the construction of talents reserve programs and that of innovative research teams  

   4) To promote discipline construction, scientific research, and academic exchange, and thereby enhance the faculty’s research and application ability

   5) To assist the university with the relevant work when needed.

  1. Qualifications

   1) Domestic applicants should possess a professional title of professor or corresponding titles with a PhD degree; overseas applicants should possess a professional title of associate professor or above, or corresponding titles in overseas prestigious universities.

   2) Applicants should have adequate academic achievements with an international influence, and can propose strategic and innovative methods for the discipline construction. *A history of any kind of academic plagiarism won’t be tolerated.

   3) Applicants need to have working experiences with universities or research institutes, and possess a good knowledge of how teaching and research to be conducted in this field.

   4) Applicants need to have an international horizon for research and be able to promote the sustainable development of the teaching and research in relevant fields.

   5) Applicants need to have teaching and research experience, administrative experience, and other relevant capabilities.

   6) The following applicants are in priority: academicians, scholars included in “Thousand Talent Program” or “Ten Thousand Talent Program”, Distinguished Professors in “Cheung Kong Scholars Program”, the receivers of “The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, and outstanding scholars with fame home and abroad.

   7) The applicants should be under the age of 55 in general.


  1. Recuitment procedures

  A: Application

1) A CV is required, containing personal basic information, study and work experiences, major academic achievements, scientific research projects undertaken, list of published papers, patents and awards, etc. Send it to ecitrsc@126.com for evaluation. The deadline is August 31st, 2017. 

2) After evaluation, those formally recommended are required to provide following materials:

① application form (the blank form is attached in the end)

② copies of ID card or passports

③ copies of diploma and schooling certificates

④ proofs of overseas or domestic office or important positions

⑤ proofs of scientific research projects undertaken, and proofs of copies of major achievements (representative papers and books, patent certificates, product certificates)

⑥ copies of awards certificates

⑦ a proposal for the development of the relevant faculty or the research center, as a dean or a director

Note: ECUT promises to ensure confidentiality of all the relevant information concerning the applicants, and the applicants have to make sure all the filled information and the supported materials are authentic. The materials sent to us won’t be returned, so make sure extra copies are kept.   

  B: Interview

   The applicants will be evaluated according to the materials they have offered. The qualified will be informed formally to take the interview on the campus as the mail address says.

  C: Appointment and Treatments

  1) The candidate will receive one-year probation before s/he is formally employed. Once the candidate has been proved qualified, the relevant official procedures will be taken to indicate the formal appointment. The appointment term is 5 years, and the contract can be renewed when the two parties agree.

  2) The appointed will be ranked as a county magistrate of PRC, and his or her personnel files can be registered with ECUT.

  3) There is a general criterion for treatments of all levels (Please refer to the University official website http://www.ecut.edu.cn/), but the actual treatments may differ according to the candidates’ achievements, academic background, and the university’s assumptions of the contributions they may make.

5. Contact information 

   Mail: 330013, Personnel Division, East China University of Technology, NO. 418 Guanglan Avenue,Changbei Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China

   Tel.: 0086-791-83897201, 0086-13870646139

   Fax: 0086-791-83898562

   E-mail: ecitrsc@126.com

   Contact: Mr. Zhang Xinglei

   Details can also be found on the official website of ECUT----http://www.ecut.edu.cn/.

Welcome talents from home and abroad to join ECUT!