BO-ASET, Biological Organic Anaerobic System for Energy Technologies. Development Step

Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo - Dip. di Scienze Pure e Applicate
July 24 2017
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Full Time
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Since Nov., 2012, the technical-scientific cooperation named “BO-ASET, Biological Organic Anaerobic System for Energy Technologies” has been established between the Research Unit in Sanitary-Environmental Engineering at the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” and the ASET S.p.A. public multi-utility group (Fano), both located in the Marche Region. The “BO-ASET” project is focused on the experimental evaluation of the biomethane potential (based on the anaerobic digestion process) for organic residues and biomass having territorial consistency or value. In the development step of the “BO-ASET” project, further experimental series of anaerobic digestion tests will be carried out to evaluate additional, peculiar organic residues/biomass. Substrate/inoculum ratios, pretreatment options and process conditions of the tests will be appropriately defined in cooperation with the ASET S.p.A. group.

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