2 Ph.D. Early Stage Researchers Positions Available at Iquadrat Informatica S.L, Spain, Barcelona

Iquadrat Informatica SL
July 24 2017
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Full Time
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PhD position 1: “SDN control plane for converged mmWave-UDWDM PONs”

The successful candidate will conduct both academic and experimental system research towards the development of a Software Defined Networking (SDN)- based architecture of the converged network. Specifically, the ESR will focus on the implementation of an open-source programmable testbed platform for the evaluation of novel system concepts and architectural components for the converged optical-wireless network, supporting network function virtualization and SDN.

The testbed will be used for the determination of the optimal location of the SDN controllers that jointly consider the limitations in wireless and optical domains, as well as for the development of strategies for the efficient control and management of the SDN controllers to optimally allocate resources to both wired and wireless users, by exploring the different levels of control centralization, the required control information minimization and the control policies' grouping for similar service applications.   

PhD position 2: “Medium-Transparent MAC protocols for seamless wired-wireless communication”

The research project of this ESR is concerned with the definition of MAC protocols for the seamless communication in the converged network, which can be adjustable when applied to a network of interconnected UDWDM PONs. Specifically, the developed protocol will also enable QoS provisioning through the abstraction advertisement of the available resources to Over-The-Top (OTT) application providers, which in turn are able to negotiate and program the network resources according to specific QoS requirements, while handoff procedures will also be enabled. The evaluation of the developed methods/algorithms will be carried out through the development of analytical and simulation frameworks, as well as with the introduction, evaluation and testing of handoff procedures to the MAC protocols.

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