Senior Engineer in Model-Based System Management (Regulatory Compliance for Financial Services) (...

July 24 2017
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Full Time
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The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is looking for a senior research engineer to design innovative services and products in the domain of regulatory compliance applied to the financial industry. As a member of the Business Analytics and Regulatory Technologies unit, you will actively support the digital transformation of organisations delivering regulated services, as well as improve impact analysis and decision-making on the supervisory side. The unit is part of IT for Innovative Services department (ITIS) of more than 100 highly skilled researchers and engineers from various disciplines, addressing technological, organisational, human, and economic aspects of innovative IT services. You will also contribute to the development of the Finance Innovation Technology and Systems Centre (FITS), whose mission is to fill a significant gap in applied research and innovation for the Financial Services industry in Luxembourg and related ecosystems, including the ICT sector.

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As a senior research engineer in model-based system management, you will leverage model-based approaches to meet business needs in the complex arena of regulatory compliance in the domain of financial services. In your research group, you will contribute to the design of innovative solutions dedicated to financial institutions, regulatory and supervisory bodies, as well as professional advisory services. You will demonstrate the business value of the solutions through the model-based design and development of software prototypes. You will also collaborate to the R&D of business and technological partners in the domain of regulatory compliance. As part of a research group of an RTO, you will contribute to the advance of research in model-based engineering in regulatory compliance through the publication of research outcomes and the submission of research project proposals.

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