Postdoctoral researcher in Co-Fermat (M/F)

July 24 2017
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Full Time
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As a key player in research and innovation in Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), with its employees, is active in the domains of materials, the environment and IT. As an RTO (Research and Technology Organisation) and with its interdisciplinary impact-driven approach, LIST contributes to the development of Luxembourg's economy and society.

The Materials Research and Technology Department (MRT) translates cutting-edge materials research into applicable technology, with about 150 collaborators. For this, the department cultivates close relationships and joint projects with both academic and industrial partners, and contributes to Luxembourg's and Europe's innovation agenda in Materials Research and Technology.



Up to now, mainly ferroelectric memories were discussed due to the background and expertise of the related research groups, especially of the original group in Dresden. An application with more industry relevance in Europe is mandated and acoustic resonators represent a multi-billion dollar market as these devices are used in all mobile phones.

Thick films beyond 100 nm are needed. CSD (Chemical Solution Deposition) will therefore be the deposition method of choice, which is the method developed in the Ferroic Materials for Transducers (FMT) group at LIST and that will be taken over by the  post doc. Different compositions/dopants will be checked, which is more practical via CSD compared to ALD or PVD. A special focus will be performed on thickness, keeping in mind that we are aiming for layers in the micron range, which is much more than the usual one. That is a clear challenge of this post doc project. How to make HfO2/ZrO2 based piezoelectrics by CSD in the micron range? The field of applications foreseen at LIST is acoustic resonators. Therefore, simple structures will be performed at LIST and tested in the GHz range. All these actions will be performed by the post doc, supported by LIST permanent staff.

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