Modelling and simulation of novel opto-acoustic sensors for monitoring crack growth in pressure v...

University of Trento
July 19 2017
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Full Time
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Progress in nanofabrication recently enabled to design micro- and nanomechanical sensors whose geometry can be coupled to electromagnetic fi

elds. Given the enormous optical control that has been achieved for atomic systems, this led to signi

cant interests in using light to manipulate and control macroscopic mechanical objects. This stimulated the

field of optomechanics that by now has evolved into a fast developing area of research at the intersection between nanophysics and quantum optics. In particular, the presence of thermal fields and the limited dimensions of sensors renders their modelling and the relevant identification of coupled deformable materials and photonic crystals quite challenging. Therefore, it is planned to join the theoretical/experimental expertise of physicists with the Finite Element modelling and identification capabilities of mechanical engineers.

Within the aforementioned framework, the candidate should carry out numerical work in order to both model and simulate the dynamic behaviour of  opto-acoustic sensors made of deformable materials coupled to photonic crystals. A testing phase of the sensors is also planned by monitoring crack growths in pressure vessel steels.

The outcome of the research activity will consist in journal papers and prototype sensors.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess