PhD: Aeronautical Information Management for UTM

Delft University of Technology
July 19 2017
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Full Time
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In the currently foreseen UTM, small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are mainly intended to operate below 500 ft. in very low level (VLL) operations. Additionally, “no drone” or “limited drone zones” are foreseen. These operations go beyond the scope of traditional AIS/AIM, as they relate to activities on the ground which are extremely relevant for drones but not for traditional manned aviation. Furthermore, drone pilots are often on the ground below the coverage of conventional communication systems (e.g. VHF radios) used for air traffic management (ATM), and use portable control devices.

As part of your PhD, you will work in an international (EU-funded) consortium on an operational concept for aeronautical information management for UTM in Europe. In addition to exploring new processes, services and solutions for UAS aeronautical information management, your PhD work will specifically focus on modelling and validation of these AIM concepts through large-scale traffic simulations. The massive number of expected vehicles you will have to consider will require you to employ novel data science analysis methodologies. You will publish your results in leading, peer-reviewed journals. These publications will be combined in your final dissertation.

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