Implementation and validation of gestural interaction and emotion detection models for the intera...

Università degli Studi di Palermo
July 18 2017
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Full Time
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Cultural heritages fruition is currently carried out by means of direct observation and by reading/hearing a description, possibly mediated by a computer.

The purpose of this research is to improve the quality of the fruition through the study of reliable models to recognize gestures and emotions.

Previous results of NEPTIS project will be used for gesture recognition, in order to build a widely applicable model with the minimum number of context constraints. The objective is to allow an intuitive, and thus “natural”, human-computer interaction.

Emotion recognition will allow to get a further improvement of the interaction quality. Understanding users' emotions will represent the base to develop solutions to dynamically adapt the interaction modalities with the aim of maximizing users' satisfaction by looking at their emotional states

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