PhD Position “AssetDrive: The role of management innovation in implementing performance contracti...

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)
July 17 2017
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Full Time
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About the PhD Position (Job Description)

In a traditional, conservative industry such as shipbuilding, innovation in terms of new processes, products and services can be a highly challenging endeavor. This NWO-financed PhD project focuses on the development and introduction of performance con­tracting as a standard part of ship design in the maritime industry, which is considered a clear departure from traditional design practices. This radical service innovation requires the involvement and collaboration of various actors in the maritime chain, including ship builders, ship operators and maintenance firms. The existing body of academic literature has produced strong evidence that the overall success of such innovations (or innovation performance) is largely dependent on (inter)organizational investments in so-called non-technological innovation in general, and ‘management innovation' (or social innovation) in particular. This includes, for instance, new ways of managing (e.g. more dynamic management styles), new ways of organizing (e.g. a more flexible organization) and new ways of co-creating value with external stakeholders (firms and other types of organizations). In this connection, the PhD project addresses the following research question: How does management/non-technological innovation play a role in successfully introducing performance contracting as a standard part of ship design in the maritime industry?

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