Associate professor in Fisheries Science

Department of Biology
July 14 2017
Life Sciences, Biology
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Full Time
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There is a vacancy for an associate professor at Department of Biology, (BIO) University of Bergen, within the field Fisheries science, affiliated with the research group Fisheries and Marine Biology (FMB).

BIO has more than 200 employees and almost 600 students and is among the largest departments at the University of Bergen. The institute is heavily involved in topics such as the origin of life, climate, global changes and challenges, fisheries, aquaculture, fish health, nutrition, high latitude and global development related research. About 2/3 of the scientific staff work with marine issues.

Through co-location and collaborating groups, research at BIO is closely integrated with biological research at the University Museum in Bergen and with some of the thematic departments of Uni Research A/S. BIO is located in new and modern facilities at Marineholmen, near Bergen city centre.

BIO covers research based education within a broad spectrum of biological disciplines through three bachelor programs, eight master's programs and two integrated five-year study programs in addition to doctoral education.

BIO has a Center of Excellent Education (SFU) and thus a particular focus on developing quality in teaching and dissemination. It emphasizes the development of innovative teaching and dissemination activities in the position.

Bergen represents one of the world's largest research clusters for marine research, and this is reflected in the vision of UiB, which is "Sea, Life and Society." UiB has recently been named second-best among world universities in the field of fisheries, and BIO aims to remain a leading research institute in marine resource research nationally and internationally.

Work tasks/ research field

The purpose of fisheries science is to increase understanding of population dynamics within and between fish populations in relation to the rest of the environment and to promote sustainable exploitation through ecosystem-based management. Scientists at FMB conduct research and education from organisms to population and ecosystems with theoretical, experimental and field-related approaches.

BIO is working closely with Norway's national Institute of Marine Research (IMR), both in research and supervision of master's students and doctoral students. Collaboration with IMR's fisheries research program in developing countries in Africa and Asia is also a key activity. We offer an exciting and out-reaching education and research environment within a broad field, with many opportunities for national and international interaction and collaboration.

The position will be within the field of fisheries science and specifically aimed at fish stock assessment and ecosystem-based management. Theoretical and practical competencies in the scientific basis for modern fisheries management, such as mapping and estimation of stocks, as well as ecological interactions between populations, are important elements in the sustainable management of our aquatic resources and ecosystems.

The work will include research and teaching in the field of fisheries science as well as planning of Master's theses and supervision of students at both the master's and doctoral level. Pedagogic qualifications and previous teaching experience will be emphasized and applicants should briefly outline their research plans and philosophies related to teaching in this field.

Applicants should also have experience and a high motivation for obtaining external research funding.

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