PhD: Performance Modelling of Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Delft University of Technology
July 14 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The PhD researcher will investigate the performance of airborne wind energy systems, with a particular focus on the Kitepower™ system and scaled-up derivatives, and will explore the potential of further power augmentation by systematic optimisation of operational parameters as well as system-level and component-level designs. The tool base to be used includes a quasi-steady model for pumping cycle operation of the kite, as well as a dynamic model in which the kite and the tether are discretised as a particle system. He/she will use time-resolved measurement data of parallel test campaigns (apparent wind velocity at the kite, position, orientation, time derivatives, tether force, etc.) to validate and further improve the models and the safety and reliability of the systems. Kite aerodynamics will be a central topic and an interface to other research activities of the team. Sensor fusion and state estimation could be explored if the quality of the available measurement data is insufficient.
The PhD research will be performed in the frame of the EU Horizon 2020 "Fast Track to Innovation" project REACH which aims at the development of the 100 kW Kitepower™ system. Next to the research group and the startup company, which is the system integrator, the REACH consortium includes the companies Dromec BV (Netherlands / ground station), Genetrix (France / kite) and Maxon Motor GmbH (Germany / kite control unit). As part of the project the system will undergo endurance testing at the test site, the former naval airbase Valkenburg.The PhD researcher will work closely together with the REACH project team and with his/her fellow PhD researchers in the AWESCO doctoral training network.

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