PhD Position on IT tools for repair and remanufacturing

KU Leuven
July 07 2017
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For Mechanical Engineering Technology TC, Campus Group T Leuven we are looking for a motivated PhD candidate for the topic: PhD Position on IT tools for repair and remanufacturing A circular economy, in which the lifetime of products is extended and the environmental impact generated during the production and disposal is reduced, requires cross-sector cooperation and the sharing of information and knowledge among the different actors of the value chain. Today, several IT tools already exist to share information and knowledge on how to repair products, of which the best known example is probably the website. At the same time several initiatives from nonprofit organizations, such as the repair cafés, as well as from original equipment manufacturers and European policy makers already exist that support the sharing of repair information and knowledge. Nonetheless, the number of products that are repaired today is still limited in consequence of the rapid and continuous increase in complexity of products and the limited availability and/or access to the required information and knowledge to extend the lifetime of these products.

Therefore, there is a strong and increasing need for innovative tools to help original equipment manufacturing, reuse, repair, remanufacturing and recycling companies and organizations to access and share relevant information and knowledge. For this reason, the Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) research group of the KU Leuven has, among others, been working on the development of computer vision techniques to identify discarded products, on databases to store product information, on algorithms to scrawl and update these databases, and on methods to offer decision support to the different actors of the value chain.

With the ambition to expand these research activit... For more information see

- You are part of amultidisciplinary research group working on the topic of Life Cycle Engineeringunder the supervision of Dr. Jef Peeters, Prof. Wim Dewulf and Prof. JoostDuflou.

- You are responsible for thedevelopment of software, databases and user interfaces to make relevantinformation and knowledge available and easily accessible during repair andremanufacturing activities, as well as for the evaluation of the developed ITtools.

- You contribute to organizing andperforming practical experiments and events to obtain feedback fromend/lead-users, as required in a co-/participatory design process, and toevaluate the performances of the developed IT tools.

- You contribute to national,Benelux and European projects on the development of policy requirements ondisassemblability, repairability and the sharing of product information.

- You independently follow-uprelevant literature, patents, industrial developments, policy, standards, etc. andattend international conferences.

- You report to your supervisorsand to partners during project meetings and contribute to the writing ofproject proposals.

- You act as a coach for Masterstudents.

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