PhD candidate: Foam Generation & Propagation in Fractured Reserves

Delft University of Technology
July 06 2017
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Full Time
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The candidate will conduct research on foam for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), specifically on spontaneous foam generation and flow, and foam mobility, in fractured geological formations. The research will focus on laboratory experiments in a variety of model fractures to represent the range of fracture geometries encountered in nature, followed by numerical modelling of the results. Foam is a promising means of controlling gas and liquid flow in geological formations in processes for enhanced oil recovery and aquifer remediation. It is difficult, though, to observe foam directly in opaque geological fractures and to extrapolate results from one fracture to another. Recently, we developed a set of model fractures in glass with a wide range of geometrical properties and modelled trapping and flow in these fractures. Foam generation, propagation, bubble size and mobility can all be observed directly in these fractures. Experimental studies are exploring the mechanisms of foam generation and foam mobility in the model fractures. The candidate will work on extending these model fractures to longer lengths (at least 1 m), in order to verify that foam has reached local steady state, and to combine the results for all the various geometries in one overall model for foam mobility as a function of fracture aperture, roughness, and correlation scales for roughness along the fracture. The ultimate goal is a model for foam in natural fractures that can be applied widely to fractured geological formations with a wide variety of fracture geometries.

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