Research fellow in profession-related educational perspectives on policy and governance

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences
July 05 2017
Other, Education
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Full Time
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The Faculty of Education and Natural Sciences is currently looking to recruit a temporary 100% research fellow in profession-related educational perspectives on policy and governance.

It is a prerequisite that the candidate qualifies for admission to the university's PhD programme on Teaching and Teacher Education, and that the doctoral education is carried out within this programme.

The position will be vacant from 1 January 2018 (with the possibility of a later appointment, by agreement), and the research period is three years. The position falls under the Department of Humanities, and the candidate will be based in Hamar. Doctoral education requires active participation in a research community (read "About the academic and research environment" below).

About the research field and content of the fellowship

There is a need, in Norway and internationally, to develop competence in policy and governance from a profession-based perspective in the field of education. This is especially important because education and training is under constant reform and changed governance logic is applied in education and governance of the teaching profession. The term training, education and profession is also understood to include preschools and preschool teachers.

Policy research is often about policy per se, rather than what is practiced. These studies are often based on underlying assumptions that policy has an effect on practice. It is, however, necessary to develop the field of policy by looking at policy from a profession-based perspective with the classroom or preschool as the starting point.

For the fellowship in question, the candidate's individual research project must include an international backdrop that researches policy and governance from the basis of the profession (teacher and/or kindergarten teacher). The project description should address the educational profession-based perspective and an educational perspective on policy and governance. Applicants are encouraged, though not required, to think along the lines of a comparative project to develop knowledge on the professional's understanding of policy and governance from a national and international perspective.

Project description and application for admission

Based on the description of the research field and content of the fellowship, applicants must submit a project proposal, including a plan of progress explaining how the research work will be carried out, as well as the theoretical and methodological framework that will potentially be used. The project description, including the reference list, shall not exceed five pages. The page format shall be A4 with 2cm margins, 11-point font (Arial, Calibri or Times New Roman) and single line spacing. For the reference list and any image text, 9-point font may be used. The project description may be written in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English. The academic quality of the project description will play a major role in shortlisting candidates for interview.

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