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Umeå University
July 03 2017
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The Wallenberg Centre for Molecular Medicine (WCMM) at Umeå University has been established as part of a national agenda with the goal of regaining a leading position for Sweden within medical research. The Centre is a collaboration between Knut and Alice Wallenberg's Foundation, Umeå University, Västerbotten County Council, the Kempe Foundations and the Cancer Foundation for Northern Sweden. In this call, the Centre is looking for up to two outstanding researchers - Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellows - to be positioned within the area of metabolic disorders including diabetes. The positions are provided with a generous 6-year support package including funding equivalent to two Postdoctoral Associates, two PhD Student recruitments and 6 million SEK for running costs. The successful candidates will be working in strong internationally recognized research environments and have access to excellent local and national research infrastructures including unique collections of longitudinal samples in existing biobanks.

Work description

The successful candidates will be working in close proximity to established research groups within the focus area of metabolic disorders including diabetes. The candidates are expected to initiate and maintain a strong research program complementing on-going research within molecular medicine at Umeå University, and to take active part in collaborative research opportunities and exchange programs within the new network of WCMM centres at Gothenburg, Linköping and Lund Universities as well the Science for Life Laboratories in Stockholm/Uppsala. 

The successful candidates will primarily be conducting research. Up to 20% of the employment can be devoted to teaching so that the criteria for promotion to a tenure track position as Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor (Universitetslektor) can be fulfilled within six years. 


To be eligible for the positions, candidates must have a PhD degree completed no more than eight years prior to the deadline for the application, i.e., September 10, 2009, at the latest. A candidate who has completed their degree prior to this time could be given equal priority if special circumstances exist. Special circumstances include absence due to illness, parental leave or clinical employment, appointment of trust in trade union organizations or similar circumstances. We are seeking outstanding candidates with documented excellent research in fields relevant to molecular medicine. The candidate must have appropriate postdoctoral training outside the university at which the PhD was defended.

Assessment criteria and weighting of criteria

The evaluation will be based on all the listed assessment criteria in following order of priority: 1) scientific proficiency, 2) pedagogical abilities, 3) administrative skills, ability to initiate interdisciplinary cooperation, ability to interact and communicate research with the community and leadership experience.

The evaluation of the scientific proficiency will devote particular emphasis to the level of independently performed research within the area of molecular medicine, with focus on molecular aspects of development and disease within metabolic diseases. This includes publications at a high scientific level and grants achieved in strong competition. The evaluation of pedagogical abilities will pay particular attention to planning, execution, and evaluation of teaching as well as supervision and examination. Evaluation is also made on the basis of documented administrative skills including leadership, ability to plan and develop an organization and its personnel, as well as undergraduate education, and the ability to interact with society.

More about the position

The position will be provided with a generous 6-year support package including funding for 2 Postdoctoral Associates, 2 PhD Students as well as 6 million SEK for running costs. To qualify for promotion, the candidates are expected to complement the funding with their own national and/or international grants. The researcher will work within one or more of the 13 departments of the Faculty of Medicine. The Department in which the candidate formally will be employed will be decided in consultation between the applicant and the faculty. An individual scientific and educational development plan will be formulated upon agreement between the applicant and the Head of Department at which the applicant will be employed. One pedagogical and two scientific mentors will be appointed to support the career of the candidate.

Tenure track evaluation

The position is part of Umeå University's tenure track system, in which an Assistant Professor has the right to apply for promotion to a tenured position as Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor. To be eligible for consideration for tenure, the application must be made within six years of taking up the position. If the Assistant Professor is not promoted to tenure, the position will be handled in accordance with existing rules for transition and redundancy.  


Applications should be made via the e-recruitment system MyNetwork Pro.  Click here for application instructions.

We welcome your application! 

Last application date 2017-09-10.


- Föreståndare för WCMM, Professor Tommy Olsson, 090-785 18 45, tommy.g.olsson@umu.se

- Bitr. föreståndare, Professor Maréne Landström, 090-785 24 58, marene.landstrom@umu.se

- Dekan, Professor Patrik Danielson, 090-786 58 93, patrik.danielson@umu.se

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