Transformations of Sovereignity, Metamorphosis of Law, The Crisis of Rights and Democracy

Università degli Studi di Camerino
July 03 2017
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Full Time
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At the beginning of XXIth Century, the so-called “West” has to face economical, social, cultural and religious challenges; they are so radical to jeopardize modern core legal, philosophical and political concepts. The research will concentrate on the legal-theoretical aspect of the ongoing transformations; but it will make use the result offered by philosophy, economics, social theory, gender studies and cultural studies. It will be focalized mainly: 1)the chaotical multiplication of legal actors and legal sources with the overlapping of public and private powers; the co-originality of subjectivity and basic rights; 2)the crisis of democracy and representation, the increased role of market economy in law-making and judicial decision, the fading of state sovereignty; 3)the transformations of rights, the weakening of their prescriptiveness in trans-national law, chances and risks of the universalism, the “specifying” of subjects

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