PhD: Optical Nanoscopy at Cryogenic Temperatures

Delft University of Technology
June 30 2017
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Full Time
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Optical nanoscopy is a super-resolution microscopy technique to study subcellular structures and function via specifically targeted fluorescent labels in molecular biology. Localisation microscopy in particular offers a much better resolution (~10-50 nm) than conventional diffraction limited microscopy (~250 nm). This project aims at shifting the resolution obtainable in an optical light microscope even further towards 1 nm.

The researcher will work in a team of experimentalists and theorists who share the common goal to imaging at the nanometer scale. She/he will work at the intersection of the team designing, performing experiments and develop modelling for data analysis. In order to achieve very high spatial resolutions from single molecule emitters the wavefront of the light must not be disturbed by optical aberrations. In reality such aberrations are always present, but only at our targeted high resolution at cryogenic temperatures, do they play a crucial role. Therefore the candidate will develop adaptive optics instrumentation and algorithms to measure the wavefront distortion and subsequently correct the distortions. We will use spatial light modulators to shape the wavefront.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess

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