Experienced Laboratory Technician in the field organic and polymer chemistry (M/F)

June 27 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type
Fixed term contract (24 months) | Fulltime/40h | Hautcharage | Luxembourg

The MRT Department's research and technology activities target two main areas: nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and sustainable polymeric and composite materials.

The sustainable polymeric and composite materials (SUSMAT) unit's mission is to study the behaviour of multifunctional polymeric and composite materials and to develop new environmentally friendly functional composites using a combined experimental (synthesis, processing and testing) and numerical (modelling) approach, in close collaboration with the composite industry and its suppliers.

In addition, The National Composite Center - Luxembourg (NCC-L) having the objective to accelerate industry-oriented RDI projects is in perfect complementarity with the SUSMAT research unit actually covering lower TRL (Technology Readyness Level) scale. NCC-L and SUSMAT, both localized in LIST facilities in Hautcharage, are headed by Professor Philippe Dubois.

The Senior Lab Technician will support the activities related to organic/polymer synthesis and the analyses of the related polymer and polymer-based composites using mainly NMR (Bruker 600 MHz) and Mass Spectroscopy (MALDI-ToF).


The Senior Technician will join the team of the SUSMAT Unit and NCC-L with the following activities:

  • Sample preparation

  • Sample characterization using NMR and Mass Spectroscopy

  • Manage and maintain inventory of chemicals and consumables

In particular, she/he will be the daily technical support to laboratory users in particular for the activities related to synthesis of small molecules as well as polymers and their routinely characterization using NMR (1H, 13C, 16P, etc) and MALDI-ToF.

In addition she/he manages and maintain the inventory for chemicals and consumables used in the laboratory.

Carrying-out of technical day-to-day activities

  • Intervene on field in a professional manner when required

  • Guarantee the quality of the delivered synthesized molecules and their NMR and Mass spectroscopy analytical data

  • Document the work in order to ensure the reproducibility and guarantee the traceability of the results

  • Update the planning of development of equipment and coordinate their use

  • Understand request from the collaborators and translate them experimentally

  • Respect specifications and the realisation of deliverables in the expected frame time

Ensure regular tasks including

  • Fill-in and maintain the required gas levels of the NMR (Nitrogen and Helium)

  • Change and calibrate the NMR probes when needed

  • Participate when needed in the maintenance of the NMR and MALDI-ToF.

  • Watch and manage the inventory of the regular consumables (solvents, common chemicals, gases, etc…) which include the ordering.

  • Monitor the functioning of the waste management system

  • Participate in Health & Safety activities


  • Bachelor degree in a technical domain

  • Prior professional experience in maintenance of minimum 5 years

  • Experience in organic/polymer synthesis and related analytical characterization (NMR and mass spectroscopy)

  • Ability to understand, propose and implement chemical synthesis strategies.

  • Ability to perform chemical synthesis in inert atmosphere using Glove Box.

  • Ability to perform NMR experiments

  • Ability to perform Mass-Spectroscopy (MALDI-ToF)

  • Minimum knowledge about inorganic catalyst preparation and handling

  • Ability to write routine reports and correspondence effectively

  • Fluency in English is a must, knowledge of French and/or German would be an asset


Candidates interested in the above position can apply online on our website:


Job reference: MRT-2017-037

The application file should include:

  • A CV

  • A motivation letter

  • The names of two or three referee

For any information, please contact philippe.dubois@list.lu

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