Opportunity to develop a research project in agricultural sciences for three years (max. 510 k€) ...

Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Salamanca (IRNASA-CSIC)
June 23 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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IRNASA is one out of 24 institutes of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) devoted to Agricultural Sciences. The Institute includes four research groups, together with highly specialized technical and administrative staff, and its main goal is to perform science of excellence in cereal cultivars, plant-microorganism interactions, soil sciences and animal health. The institute has well-equipped laboratories and several scientific-technical services (http://www.irnasa.csic.es/). IRNASA will expand its research and teaching interests in the next few years by an agreement with the University of Salamanca, with the chance of building up new and modern installations.

IRNASA is one of the host research institutions inside the newly launched program "Atracción del Talento" by the Town Hall (Fundación Cultura y Saberes; http://www.ciudaddesaberes.es/html/es/ACTIVIDAD/#atraccion-del-talento). The purpose of this program is to attract, retain and develop scientific talent at Salamanca, with the aim of establishing promising new lines of research at centers located in Salamanca. Five young leader researchers will be financed as Principal Investigators. Selected researchers are expected to lead new research groups. Funding includes full time salary (approx. 70 k€/year) and money for presonnel, equipment, consumables, etc. (maximum funding per project = 510 k€ for three years).

IRNASA hosts the ideal scientific environment for a researcher in agricultural sciences,offering to the successful candidates equipped lab and office space, technical and administrative support, and facilities at the Institute. We also offer the opportunity for developing an attractive research career inside CSIC, the main research institution in Spain.

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