Research Assistant - PhD Candidate - Ultrafine eutectics by laser additive manufacturing. Ref. ER...

Fundación IMDEA Materiales
June 22 2017
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Full Time
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The PhD candidate will participate on an M-ERA.NET project, an EU funded network, in the subject of "ultrafine eutectics by laser additive manufacturing". The candidate will enroll on a PhD program and the PhD project will be focused on the development of new high strength eutectic alloys by laser-based additive layer manufacturing (ALM) using selective laser melting and laser metal deposition based on Ti-TiFe and Fe-Fe2Ti eutectics. These laser-based ALM methods possess inherently high cooling rates and are, thus, ideal for processing ultrafine eutectics and hierarchically structured near-eutectic alloys including Ti-Fe-Sn-Nb, Ti-Fe-Co, Fe-Ti-Si, Fe-Ti-Zr-B and other eutectic alloys. Although being the subject of research for decades and showing remarkable mechanical properties, none of these alloys is currently relevant for industrial applications since no economically and technically viable processing route exists.

This proposal represents the first attempt to produce ultrafine Ti- and Fe-eutectics by ALM, spanning activities along the entire manufacturing chain from fundamental materials development, powder production, ALM process and post-treatment developments to demonstrator testing. The candidate will perform task related to the development of new alloys, powder production and optimization of the gas atomizer, powder characterization, as well as mechanical and microstructural characterization of the additive manufactured alloys. The research work will be carried out at IMDEA Materials Institute in Getafe.

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