Soft Tissue Biomechanics: injury prevention (BOFZAP)

KU Leuven
June 21 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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There is currently a vacancy at the Science & Technology Group, Faculty of Engineering Science, Department of Mechanical Engineering, for a research professorship (BOFZAP) in the field of soft tissue biomechanics. We are looking for internationally oriented candidates with excellent research records in this interdisciplinary area. Research

Soft tissue biomechanics investigated with experimental and numerical methods will be the focus. Particular attention needs to be paid to:

- theoretical aspects (nonlinear continuum mechanics, constitutive modelling and numerical implementation);

- experimental aspects ( (bio-)mechanical characterisation - in vitro and in vivo - and related parameter optimisation);

- biological aspects (tissue damage, growth and remodeling phenomena) and;

- clinical application fields with a focus on injury prevention (e.g. simulation of surgical procedures for pre- and intra-operative advice, simulation of soft tissue damage for design optimisation of surgical equipment and protective gear, etc.)

You should also pursue strong synergies with the biomechanics-related research at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, particularly with the research on robot assisted surgery, numerical modelling and optimisation. You must also reinforce the existing collaborations between the department and the University Hospital. At an international level, you demonstrate proven experience with research performed in large scale consortia and the availability of an international research network to build upon.


- you develop a research programme at an international level focussed on soft tissue biomechanics;

- you strengthen existing research lines and provide complementary expertise;

- you collaborate closely with the members of the Biomechanics Section and you set up collaborations within and outside the department. In particular active collaboration with research groups in the Biomedical Sciences Group needs to be pursued;

- you are capable of acquiring competitive funding for fundamental and applied research;

- you strive for excellence in your research and provide a contribution to the development of the department.

- you publish at the highest scientific level and supervise PhD students at an international level;

-  you give the necessary attention to the valorisation for government and industry in applied research.


You ensure high-quality education within the area of mechanical engineering and in particular of biomechanics and biomedical engineering, with a clear commitment for the quality of the programme as a whole.

You develop your teaching in accordance with KU Leuven's vision on activating and research-based education and make use of the possibilities for the educationalist professionalisation offered by the faculty and the university.

Your teaching task is determined in consultation and based on your specific profile. This BOFZAP position is primarily research-oriented, but you must be prepared to undertake limited teachin... For more information see

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