Pure mathematics: analysis (BOFZAP)

KU Leuven
June 21 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

At the Group Science, Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Section of Analysis at KU Leuven, there is a full-time academic vacancy in pure mathematics: analysis.

We are looking for internationally prominent applicants with an excellent research track record and educational competence in the field of mathematical analysis. The Department of Mathematics consists of the sections Geometry, Algebra, Analysis, Plasma Astrophysics and Statistics. The section of Analysis consists of two research groups, one in functional analysis and one in classical analysis. The main research themes of the functional analysis group are operator algebras (C*-algebras and von Neumann algebras), analysis on groups (geometric group theory and measurable group theory), ergodic theory, subfactors and quantum groups. The main research themes of the classical analysis group are random matrices, Riemann Hilbert problems, orthogonal polynomials and special functions.

In the section of analysis, there are four professors, five postdocs and eight PhD students. The section of Analysis participates in several national and international research projects.


You develop an international level research program in functional analysis in the broad sense of the word, including closely related fields of mathematics as operator algebras, geometric group theory, harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, free probability theory, random matrices, and others. Your research preferably fits into one of the current research programs of the section of analysis.

You actively contribute to the development and the promotion of national and international collaborations of the section of analysis. You attract excellent PhD students and you supervise PhD theses of international level.

You are able to acquire competitive research funding. You aim at excellence in your research, you publish in outstanding journals and you give lectures at the main conferences in your field.


As a BOFZAP research professor, you have a reduced teaching task and this allows you to focus mainly on research. You ensure high quality education in mathematical analysis with a clear commitment to the quality of the entire educational program. You also contribute to the pedagogic project of the faculty and the university through the supervision of master theses.

Initially you are responsible for two advanced analysis courses that are taught in English in the bachelor and master programs of mathematics. Later in your career, you will also teach in Dutch and possibly also teach a basic mathematics course in another KU Leuven program.

You develop your teaching in accordance with KU Leuven's vision on activating and research-based education and make use of the possibilities for the educational professionalization offered by the faculty and the university.


Apart from your research and teaching duties, we also expect you to take on service tasks in the department, the faculty of science and elsewhere, depending on the needs and your personal interests, and with a special attention on outreach and public awareness of mathematics.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess