Tenured academic staff / Tenure track lecturer synthetic polymer chemistry

June 19 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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The research group Organic and (Bio)Polymer Chemistry (OBPC) holds a central position within the research of the Department of Chemistry and the Institute for Materials Research (imo-imomec) of UHasselt. The research group focuses on the synthesis and characterization of advanced functional macromolecular materials and applies this expertise in research linked to the spearhead research domains of imo-imomec (materials research for renewable energy, sustainability and health). We look for a synthetic polymer chemistry profile complementary to the present expertise on conjugated polymers/materials, advanced NMR characterization and biomolecular design and functionalization.



Education task

  • Participation in the various teaching assignments of the Department of Chemistry in various curricula of the UHasselt:

  • Coordination and lecturing courses in general, organic and polymer chemistry.

  • Teaching and coordination within the Master Bio-Electronics & Nanotechnology (BEN; Biomedical Sciences).

  • Organization and supervision of research internships, for chemistry and biomedical sciences students.

  • Promotership and supervision of doctoral students.

  • Activities in the organization, evaluation and innovation of education in chemistry, in accordance to the vision and strategy of the Department of Chemistry at UHasselt.

Research mission

The candidate will (jointly) steer the scientific research within the research group OBPC, in line with the strategy of imo-imomec.


  • He/she will reinforce the present research unit with respect to the design and synthesis of polymer materials, complementary to the present expertise and analogous research ongoing within Flanders.

  • The detailed research program depends on the candidate's background, but should be related to the design, synthesis and characterization of (block co)polymers via controlled (radical/anionic) polymerization methods, polymer nanocomposites and nanofoams, and/or amphiphilic polymers, employing these material systems to achieve ordered nanostructures within the bulk or at the material surface.

  • He/she will further develop the research expertise and identity of the group. He/she will implement this specific expertise in novel interdisciplinary research themes and international collaborations.

  • In his/her new function, the candidate is active in applying for external research funding, using the various channels, aiming at a good balance between fundamental and applied research, including projects to support innovation of industrial partners.

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