Computational Chemist

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June 19 2017
Position Type
Full Time
Organization Type

Institute Fellow:

  1. Explore novel algorithms for small molecule drug design using artificial intelligence
  2. Develop methods for efficiently improving the quality of cryo-EM structures
  3. Build a structure based pipeline that can process a single protein target – starting from a complete sequence – to discover oral, small molecule drugs that can target a functional site or allosteric site.

Research Associate:

  1. Build and validate homology models for targets with no structures
  2. Analyze target druggability based on structure or model
  3. Perform virtual high throughput screening and prioritize top compounds for experimental tests
  4. Guide hit-to-lead and lead optimization
  5. Work closely with medicinal chemists and structural biologists 

Contact Information:

Interested candidates please e-mail your resume to titled “Computational Chemist CHE-CADD-JD No." Primary candidates will be notified by telephone for an interview. Due to time restrictions, other candidates will not be notified. Application materials and additional calls will not be returned.

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