Student Internship for Immersion Program - Innovative Systems - Regulatory Technologies (M/F)

June 14 2017
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Full Time
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The “Business Analytics and Regulatory Compliance” Unit, in Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), is offering internships for Computer Science and Information Science students to gain hands-on experience in leading technologies like Open source scalable databases, Ontology, Semantic Technology, and related work could also include working with advanced text processing methodologies like unstructured information management, Text analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This call is part of the Student Immersion Program, in which students from some of the top Universities in the world come to Luxembourg for internship opportunities with LIST. You will have a chance to work on concrete and value-creation projects led by different specialists from our Institution.


This is a learning opportunity for outstanding students formally engaged in University programmes around the world. The topics are hands-on and practical, covering computer science aspects such as implementing algorithms and developing software prototypes with XML schemas, designing applications on server/ client side using JavaScript/ Java/ Python, developing interactive queries on databases, cognitive computing and text analytics in the Legal informatics and Big Data infrastructure domain. It also includes gaining experience by working with Big Data and High performance computing infrastructures, both in the Open source (Apache ecosystem and more) and in the Commercial realm (SAP HANA and IBM Bluemix environments).

The candidate is expected to be passionate, hard-working with a strong computer science inclination, and must have a serious interest in application development along with the dedication to learn and implement text analytics concepts and ontology generation techniques. It is also expected that the candidate has had exposure working with open source Big Data architectures like Hadoop, Spark etc. The Immersion Program equips the student with the unique opportunity to learn, develop oneself and be of service in concrete activities and innovations at LIST.

During the period of your immersion, you will be part of several ‘hackatons' and ‘insightatons', particularly those of you with the aspirations of working in analytics and its industry applications.


  • Current student in Computer Science, Information Science (or related fields); formally enrolled in a University and about to begin their last year in their Bachelor's degree or Master's degree

Any student engaged in related PhD programs with the aforementioned skill sets are also welcome to apply.

  • Advanced analytics, statistical approaches with respect to text analytics and web/application development, strong interest in infrastructure-architecture for data analytics, interest in the application of Semantic Technologies in the legal domain ranging from XML schemas to representation of rules and in building "documents-to-information" solutions by learning deep and complex XML schemas that are used in European Union regulatory activities.

  • Specialization in the masters or PhD programs related to the subjects for the internship saving technical expertise or work/project experience in one or more of the following:

(a)Application development with NodeJS, Java, Python, HTML 5, XML, interactive databases and text analytics

(b)Experience deploying and working with Big Data platforms like Hadoop, Spark, HBase

(c)Demonstrative software programming capabilities to develop Proofs-of- Concepts

  • Fluent in English. Good level of French (optional)


(a)Gain experience in deploying web/stand-alone applications using a number of well-established, widely used technologies and platforms.

(b)A per diem monthly allowance of €1000

(c)Support for fulfilling academic requirements of academic internship and/or providing supervisory support for thesis/dissertation in related areas

(d)Transport card to travel free of cost in public transport within Luxembourg

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess