Master student in fabrication and investigation of Nano-Bio interfaces (M/F)

June 09 2017
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Full Time
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Biological interfaces are encountered in a range of applications where a surface comes in contact with biological medium, e.g. Implanted scaffolds, patches or devices on or within the body, in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), vectors for delivery of active ingredients within body, surgical tools, or non-medical applications, e.g. food packaging, anti-biofouling in marine environments. The physicochemical and topographic characteristics of the interface are critical determinants of the ensuing quality and performance of the interface for the biomaterial application. The ability to tailor these characteristics is central to the optimization of biological interfaces, and requires ability to correlate material properties with the biological outcome. This internship project specifically concerns optimization of the surface chemistry and nanotopography of planar and three dimensional bio-interfaces used for the growth and expansion of stem cells.

This internship will take place in the Materials Research & Technology (MRT) department within the “Nano-enabled medicine and cosmetics group”, and be conducted in active exchange with the central materials lab and advanced materials characterization platform at MRT, LIST.


The trainee's tasks will be to:

  • Be part of our inter-disciplinary efforts to draw processósurface chemistry correlations to identify optimal surface functionalization process parameters for attachment of small molecules, polymers and nanoparticles on to polymeric and glass surfaces

  • Optimize biomolecular attachment to the surface within microfluidic environment

  • Perform characterization of nanostructure geometry, physicochemical properties of surface, and optical/spectroscopic properties using instruments and advanced characterization platform in the department (SEM, XPS, Zeta potential, Ellipsometry, etc.).

The trainee will have an excellent opportunity to learn the concepts behind surface-functionalization using small molecules, polymers and nanoparticles, characterization of the surfaces and nanoparticles using state of the art tools (with hands on experience to different equipment), and understand considerations of quality assurance and benchmarking of the surfaces for technology-driven applications.

  • Undergraduate student in materials Science, Nanotechnology or relevant topic

  • Strong interest for experimental work and the topic announced

  • Prior experience/internships in nanostructure/nanomaterial synthesis or characterization

  • Be fluent in English or French (spoken and written)


All interns receive a monthly compensation of €1000

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess