Internship in Information Sharing in Mobility Services (M/F)

June 01 2017
Position Type
Full Time
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This internship vacancy is created to understand the role of shared information in such services and the accompanied security and privacy risks when the information is abused. At this moment, Luxembourg is trying to optimize its transportation services to fulfill the digital Luxembourg blueprint. To this end, car-sharing and car-pooling services are becoming popular and many online marketplaces have been established, and at the same time the public transportation system is also trying to optimize its services based on collected travel information from end users.

You will have the chance to work on very practical security and privacy issues in real life, under the supervision of a well-established security expert. Moreover, you will have the chance to interact with mobility experts in LIST.


The objective of this project is to understand how personal information is collected and used in mobility services. Some well-known examples of such mobility services are Uber (US), Blablacar (Germany), and Krazoo (Luxembourg). By crawling the data, it is expected to understand how much personal information is collected by these services and what kind of profile the service can construct for each user.

Based on the collected data, the second objective is to investigate the security and privacy risks in these services, due to the shared information online and the potential cross-platform inferences.

At last, challenges and opportunities in exploiting aggregated personal data are expected to be clarified.

This job comes from a partnership with Science Magazine and Euraxess